Professional Green Cleaning

Experience A Fresh Alternative to Traditional Dry Cleaning

At Fabricare we understand that a trip to the dry cleaners for most people is a necessary chore on their “to-do” list. Our customers want to get in and out in a timely fashion and they expect to take home garments that are clean, beautifully pressed and ready to make them look their best. Fabricare strives to deliver on all these expectations and we strive to anticipate our customer’s needs.

 We know that our customers expect the best from our services and they want to know that they are making a healthy choice for themselves and their families.

Fabricare has delivered on this expectation. We made the choice to radically change the way we clean our customers garments by installing new state of the art green cleaning equipment. We use totally bio degradable surfactants that are completely harmless to the environment and good for our customers, their garments and our employees.

Over the past year our customers have let us know that we’ve made the right choice! Our stores have increased sales and we’ve received lots of positive feed back.

Fabricare has become a leader in demonstrating to our industry that “clean change is good”. We have shown that we can deliver a superior product to our customers.


“It is nice to be able to trust your people with my special clothes that need dry cleaning. You really are professionals!”

“Fabricare’s commitment to quality means no surprises every time I pick up an order.”
– Loyal Dry Cleaning Customer

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