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July 16, 2014

Visit our New Fabricare Cleaning Center in Barrie Ontario 649 Yonge Street (big point plaza). Thank you Barrie in our first 4 months for an amazing welcome. Your support has been incredible and we at Fabricare Cleaning Center value every one of you.

Fact and Fiction

Fabricare Cleaning Center ‘s business depends upon keeping your clothing looking its best. Yet misinformation continually creeps into mediareports. Here are the facts regarding the most frequent areas of misinformation.

Spots and stains allowed to remain without treatment will gradually oxidize, set, and become permanent. We are trained and equipped to deal with stains, and if anyone can safely remove them, we can.

Don’t iron stained or soiled clothes trying to get just one more wearing out of them. Ironing dirty clothes will set stains and drive soil deeper into the fabric. Not good.

Never put a garment away with a stain on it. Stains containing sugar and even small amounts of any food are a tasty treat for insects, leading to holes from eaten fibers. Also, putting clothes away without cleaning them almost guarantees some discoloration or oxidation of stains.

Wet Cleaning (previously drycleaning) will remove perspiration and body oil. That’s a good thing because these two elements contribute to stains and fabric degradation – and will eventually produce a lingering odor if left untreated.

Failure to have a garment professionally cleaned on a regular basis can result in an unusable or ruined garment with stains, holes, odors, or fabric distortion.

silks  July 8, 2014

Tips on Silk In an emergency!  “should I use club soda to treat the stain?”  First, there is nothing special about club soda as a stain remover agent. If you are attempting any do-it-yourself stain treatment just remember this: BLOT, DON’T RUB. Silk will chafe easily or develop light areas if rubbed while wet. Get the garment to us asap!!

Care Suggestions; Apply perfume, cologne, deodorant, and hair spray before dressing to prevent color loss and staining. AND exercise great caution with household products….